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Settings panel allows setup and configuration of all software options and features. Settings allow automation and integration of many features to provide advanced functions and simplify or speed-up many common tasks. Required options are dependent on user machinery, ancillary hardware and application.

It’s MOST IMPORTANT that software is appropriately configured before any attempt is made to control CNC machinery. Failure to do so, may result in serious injury or damage to machinery. With unknown or untested machinery, it’s safer to keep initial motion rates below anticipated maximums. Emergency stop and limit switch hardware should be configured and tested before higher traverse or ‘rapid’ move rates are performed.

Settings shown in this section are examples. It’s the users responsibility to ensure that safe and appropriate settings are applied to suit the controlled machine. Mk3 controller settings are used in examples. Most settings are applicable to other controllers. If specific settings for certain model of controller are required, this is noted in the text.

Some settings relate to hardware. These might be items like tool sensors, jog keyboards, MPG Pendants, tool-changers and so forth. If hardware is not available when software is configured, it can be installed and configured separately. It may be helpful to have hardware in place and operational before configuring related options. This allows testing or adjustment to determine safe and suitable parameters. Again, for reasons of safety, this is particularly the case with emergency stop and limit switch hardware.

User Interface
  3D Colors
  Steps Per Unit
  Limit Switches
  I2C, Serial, Ext
Program Options
  Probe & Measure
  Tool Change
  Gantry Square
Machine Info
Motor Drivers

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