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How to set jogging

For purposes of machine jogging, user can use on screen jogging keys, PC keyboard keys or external jogging keyboard.

On-screen jogging keys

Click the cross button next to jogging speed window:

Cloud with jogging keys will appear:

Jogging keys can appear permanently on main screen if you set:
File/Settings/User Interface/Jog Panel → enable “Fixed”. You can choose among XY Cross, UV cross or default keys layout:

Default keys layout:

XY Cross layout:

PC keyboard keys

PC keyboard keys used for jogging need to be configured in settings File/Settings/User Interface/Shortcuts → under Jog chapter. Under Code column, set keyboard keys you wish to use:

External jogging keyboard

First under IO tab observe which jogging keyboard keys activate which JOG input. Then in File/Settings/User Interface/Shortcuts → under Jog chapter and Pin column set designated jog input pins:

Since external jogging keyboard also supports Shift key, which in combination with any other jogging key initiates step Jog motion, you should set these shortcuts also:

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